Environmental, social and governance (ESG)

LM Consulting has extensive experience in mapping and improving processes aimed at managing Environment, Health, and Safety work in the segment of Construction and environmental licensing segment. Based on our knowledge of the techniques, we provide technological solutions to help companies manage their processes in this area.


Still in the Environmental field, we have been working for almost 10 years developing management and technical solutions for work in the area of Speleology. We map all the processes in this important area which, in the context of opening and expansion of enterprises, especially in mining, has strong relevance for obtaining and maintaining environmental licenses.


We have developed several technological solutions such as Apps for process control, both technical and management, and the application of machine learning to create mathematical models with deep analysis of technical data, generating a powerful tool for decision-making.


In the scope of health and safety (H&S), we create, implement and support technological solutions to collect, analyze and criticize field information, giving managers visibility on the main (H&S) indicators.



Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management (GISTM)


The Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management is a framework that outlines best practices for the safe and responsible management of mine tailings. Developed by a group of industry, government, and civil society stakeholders, the standard provides guidance for companies to ensure that tailings facilities are designed, constructed, operated, and closed in a way that minimizes the risk of catastrophic failures and maximizes environmental and social performance.


The standard promotes a comprehensive approach to tailings management that includes robust stakeholder engagement, risk assessments, and monitoring and reporting requirements. By implementing the Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management, companies can demonstrate their commitment to responsible mining practices and help build trust with their stakeholders, including investors, communities, and regulators.


We help your company implement and adhere to the GISTM Standard, LM Consulting has a team specialized in the implementation of the principles of the GISTM standard, and we have developed powerful tools to monitor and provide visibility throughout the implementation journey.